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Shazzbots, The LIGHTSPEED! 1/10/2019
Seanster & the Monsters STRIPES WITH PLATYPUS 1/10/2019
Whirly, KB NOW THAT WE'RE HOME 2/26/2019
various SIMPLY MAD ABOUT THE MOUSE 2/28/2019
Lucky Band, The BUENOS DIAZ 3/13/2019
James, Angela QUIET NIGHT 3/19/2019
Renee & Friends KINDRED 4/04/2019
Kaplan, Randy SHAKE IT AND BREAK IT 4/04/2019
Ants on a Log CURIOUS 4/07/2019
Celeste, Alina LOVE IS TE QUIERO 4/22/2019
McCollough, Sean EARWORM 4/25/2019
Rymer, Brady & the Little Band UNDER THE BIG UMBRELLA 4/25/2019
Pointed Man Band AMONGST THE TALL TREES 4/27/2019
Story Pirates, The BACKSTROKE RAPTOR 6/17/2019
Williams, David RHINO RAINFOREST 6/17/2019
Grin Brigade ALL I DO IS HOP 7/13/2019
Howie D WHICH ONE AM I? 7/13/2019
Muldaur, Maria BARNYARD DANCE 7/30/2019
Buckwheat Zydeco BAYOU BOOGIE 7/30/2019
Caspar Babypants FLYING HIGH 7/30/2019
Lovelace, Josh GROWING UP 7/30/2019
Harris, Camille BABY ON THE SUBWAY 7/31/2019
Alphabet Rockers THE LOVE 8/01/2019
Strong, Kare & Josh Goforth BENEATH THE CHERRY TREE 8/14/2019
Andrew & Polly GO FOR THE MOON 8/29/2019
Dines, Katherine HUNK-TA-BUNK-TA HOLIDAYS 9/06/2019
Crow, Dan KIDZ STEM SONGZ 9/09/2019
Moozika! MOOVE TO THE MOOZIKA! 9/09/2019
Samson, Jon AGELESS 9/14/2019
Duke Otherwise KITH & KIN 9/14/2019
Panton, Diana A CHEERFUL LITTLE EARFUL 9/22/2019
Grin Brigade CRAZY WITH HAPPINESS 9/22/2019
Schwartz, Stephen Michael DITTO KIDDO 9/22/2019
Von Sydow, Max/Lyle Mays EAST OF THE SUN WEST OF THE MOON 9/22/2019
Again Again LISTEN, LOVE, REPEAT 9/22/2019
Berkner, Laurie Band WAITING FOR THE ELEVATOR 9/30/2019
Palin, Michael JACK AND THE BEANSTALK 10/05/2019
Goldberg, Whoopi KOI AND THE KOLA NUTS 10/05/2019
Weaver, Sigourney PEACHBOY 10/05/2019
Kingsley, Ben THE TIGER AND THE BRAHMIN 10/05/2019
Konecky & Wilde HAPPY HANUKKAH, MY FRIEND 10/06/2019
Michael & the Rockness Monsters SEEING LIFE IN 2020 10/06/2019
Kid Pan Alley BEST FRIENDS 10/16/2019
various THANK YOU MR. ROGERS - MUSIC & MEMORIES 10/16/2019
Dog on Fleas I'M AN OPTIMIST 11/24/2019
Parker & Alexander ALL OF US 11/30/2019
Jesse Jukebox AWESOME! 11/30/2019
Vince Guaraldi Trio A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS 12/21/2019