Guidelines for Submissions

If you are a musician, producer, publicity agent or record company, we want
your family music, kindie music and short stories for airplay.

The Carousel has been back on the air since May 16. I am remotely broadcasting shows from my home while Covid-19 is still with us. I have had to convert a portion of my CD library to digital to accomodate the new workflow. As such, I am now accepting digital downloads of albums and singles. While my preference is still for physical CD's (for their archival quality), I am aware that most new music distributed today is in a digital format. So here are some of my guidelines for digital submissions to me for broadcast.

All downloads accepted as mp3's in 320 bitrate format or WAV files. I prefer wav because I can quickly convert to 320 mp3 if necessary. AIFF files are also accepted as a last resort because I currently have problems with storing them in my library. Singles are accepted conditionally as advance releases of forthcoming albums. If the single release will not be followed up by a full album release, it is archived for airplay otherwise it is deleted once the album is released. Be sure that your zip files identify the artist and album or song title. I have already received zip's I cannot identify.

In conclusion, please send CD's first when available or download zipped 320 mp3's or WAV. As always, I review all files for relevant content and I am selective in what material I broadcast. For further references please contact me or go to for additional information about the station.

If you are sending CD's to me through the mail, please contact me first so I can provide the correct shipping address