WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for July 18, 2020
Sprout, Jonathan DR. MUSIC Here Comes the Show
Broggs, Peter REGGAE FOR KIDS Peace & Love
Yvad MORE REGGAE FOR KIDS Children Of The World
Howie D WHICH ONE AM I? Worry
SaulPaul WE DREAM IN 3D Motivation (remix)
Alphabet Rockers RISE SHINE #WOKE I'm Proud
Smith, Aaron Nigel WELCOME TO THE VILLAGE Fanga Alafia
Gronich, Shlomo & Sheeba Choir WORLD PLAYGROUND Zichronot M'Africa (Memories Of Africa)
Debbie and Friends VARIETY SHOW I've Got a Song
Hot Peas & Butter THE POD SQUAD, VOL 4 Peggy-O
Howie D WHICH ONE AM I? The Me I'm Meant to Be
Schmid, Mike LET IT OUT Be Yourself
Not-It's, The READY OR NOT Heading Home
Renee & Friends KINDRED Kindness Is Cool
Renee & Friends KINDRED Leaders of the World
Noah, Tim SUPERTUNES! Anything Is Possible
Noah, Tim SUPERTUNES! Portable Paradise
----------7:00 AM---------- ---------- -----station break-----
Kaplan. Randy MR. DIDDIE WAH DIDDIE Ice Cream Man Rag
Parachute Express DON'T BLINK Sailing
Phillips, Mo SPECTACULAR DAYDREAM Cloud Skateboard
Phillips, Mo SPECTACULAR DAYDREAM Solar Flares
Kaplan. Randy MR. DIDDIE WAH DIDDIE Runaway Blues
Asheba IN THE KID ZONE Ice Cream
Alsop, Peter FAN CLUB FAVORITES Lifeline
Animal Farm WE ARE ONE We Are One
Banana Slug String Band PENGUIN PARADE Ants
Meeka and her Cool Cousins MEEKA AND HER COOL COUSINS Ice Cream Truck
Rymer, Brady & the Little Band UNDER THE BIG UMBRELLA You Can Get It if You Really Want
Rymer, Brady JUST SAY HI! Ice Cream Girl
Roth, Kevin DADDY SONGS Ice Cream Man
Sunshine Road, The ROCKIN' ON DOWN THE ROAD Rockin' on Down the Road
Sunshine Road, The ROCKIN' ON DOWN THE ROAD Ice Cream Song
Shelton, Suzi SMILE IN MY HEART Ice Cream Man
Jacobs, Ted THE DAYS GONE BY The Days Gone By
----------8:00 AM---------- ---------- -----station break-----
Lovell, Sara NIGHT LIFE How the Jungle Sleeps
Kerplunks, The PANTS & MAMMALS Everyday Science
Lato, Greg CREATE MY OWN WORLD Create My Own World
Moock, Alastair & Friends BE A PAIN Be a Pain
Caspar Babypants AWAY WE GO! Ice Cream Man
Chapin, Tom THE INCREDIBLE FLEXIBLE YOU I Know You Know (Imagination)
Weinkauf, Danny NO SCHOOL TODAY Ice Cream
Weinkauf, Danny DINOSAURS AND METAPHORS A Song That Makes Us Happy
Weinkauf, Danny DINOSAURS AND METAPHORS Your Love Is a Metaphor
Salidor, Susan SUSAN SALIDOR: BY HEART The Ice Cream Truck Song
Berkner, Laurie BUZZ BUZZ Ice Cream Cone
Laurie Bernker Band ROCKETSHIP RUN Candy Cane Jane
Ruth and Emilia KOKOWANDA BAY Kokowanda Bay
Ruth and Emilia KOKOWANDA BAY Soaring Through the Galaxy
Bubboon's Tunes PLAYGROUND OF MY MIND Ice Cream on the Ground
McCutcheon, John SUMMERSONGS ice cream man
Sciaky, Carla WISHES AND DREAMS The Trip To The Ice Cream Parlor