WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for February 15, 2020
Sprout, Jonathan DR. MUSIC Here Comes the Show
Lovell, Sara WILD IS EVERYWHERE Wild Is Everywhere
Renee & Friends KINDRED Kindness Is Cool
Caspar Babypants WINTER PARTY! Winter Party
Imagination Movers ROCK-O-MATIC Rock-O-Matic
Seston, Tim ON A ROLL On a Roll
Grin Brigade CRAZY WITH HAPPINESS Swimming with Dolphins
Johnson, Carol ISN'T IT GOOD TO KNOW Red, White and Blue
Johnson, Carol MIGHT AS WELL MAKE IT LOVE Love Grows One by One
Vance Gilbert BEST FRIENDS Best Friends
Munslow, Keith HOMEMADE FUN Code Id by Doze
McCutcheon, John WINTERSONGS the flu
Imagination Movers IN A BIG WAREHOUSE Getting Stronger
Jesse Jukebox AWESOME! Complicated Kid
Sprout, Jonathan AMERICAN HEROES #4 Hall of Fame
----------6:48 AM---------- ---------- -----station break-----
Weiss, Jim ABRAHAM LINCOLN & THE HEART OF AMERICA The complete story
----------7:59 AM---------- ---------- -----station break-----
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo UNDERGROUND PLAYGROUND Speak the Truth
Berkner, Laurie Band WAITING FOR THE ELEVATOR This Mountain
Peggo and Paul WINTER'S LIGHT Winter's Light
Peggo and Paul WINTER'S LIGHT Wondrous Love
Ensemble THANK YOU MR. ROGERS - MUSIC & MEMORIES Thank You for Being You
Berkner, Laurie THE DANCE REMIXES My Family (Dance Remix)
Imagination Movers MOVERS 10-4 So Glad You're Here
Imagination Movers MOVERS 10-4 Butterfly Wings (feat. Lisa Loeb)
Imagination Movers MOVERS 10-4 Kindergarten Graduation
Sprout, Jonathan AMERICAN HEROES Washington's Hat
Sprout, Jonathan MORE AMERICAN HEROES Agitate
Roberts, Justin WILD LIFE Heart Like a Door
Roberts, Justin WILD LIFE When You First Let Go
Roberts, Justin WILD LIFE Wild Life
Dog on Fleas I'M AN OPTIMIST Village d'Etoiles