WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for September 30, 2017
CD Title
Sprout, Jonathan DR. MUSIC Here Comes the Show
Charity & the Jamband FAMILY VALUES Love Is Here
Charity & the Jamband FAMILY VALUES You Are My Sunshine
Charity & the Jamband FAMILY VALUES We Are the Ones
Mister G MUNDO VERDE Mundo Verde/Green World
Mister G MUNDO VERDE Agua/Water
Mister G MUNDO VERDE Patas enel Aire/Paws in the Air
Phillips, Mo SPECTACULAR DAYDREAM Cloud Skateboard
Phillips, Mo SPECTACULAR DAYDREAM Solar Flares
McCutcheon, John FAMILY GARDEN If I Ran the World
McCutcheon, John FAMILY GARDEN Happy Adoption Day
Pop Ups, The APPETITE FOR CONSTRUCTION Your Own Imagination
Lucky Diaz & Family Jam Band AQUI, ALLA De Colores
Ahn, Priscilla LA LA LA Elephant
Mr. Dave FEELING GOOD Pelican Kid
Mr. Dave FEELING GOOD Two Wheels
Kubart, Tim HOME Biggest Brother
Kubart, Tim HOME Last Turn Home
Call, Cherie & Lyndy Butler THE BUDDY SYSTEM My Greatest Adventure
Caspar Babypants JUMP FOR JOY Wanderin' Baby
Caspar Babypants JUMP FOR JOY Counting Sheep
Simon, Stephen CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS Carnival of the Animals
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo MOZARTISTIC Mozartistic
McCutcheon, John SUMMERSONGS haircut
Miss Nina & the Jumping Jacks EVERY DAY'S YOUR BIRTHDAY Sunshine Blue Skies
Miss Sherri JELLY BELLY BOOGALOO We Are Spinning
Caspar Babypants AWAY WE GO! Sleepy Snail and Speedy Spider
Gustafer Yellowgold BRIGHTER SIDE Ellen Lemon
Hot Peas & Butter THE POD SQUAD, VOL 4 Peggy-O
Alphabet Rockers RISE SHINE #WOKE I'm Proud
Berkner, Laurie THE DANCE REMIXES My Family (Dance Remix)
Weinkauf, Danny TOTALLY OSOME! I'm a Girl (Step Aside)
Milkshake PLAY! Go Wild
Bazillions, The ROCK-N-ROLL YEARBOOK Back at School
Twinkle JUST DANCE Better Than You Know
Leeds, Joanie & the Nightlights BROOKLYN BABY! Ferry Nice
Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band MADE IN LA Jelly
various artists THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND This Land is Your Land
Samson, Jon A NEW KIDS ALBUM Show More Love