WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for December 16, 2023
Sprout, Jonathan Dr. Music Here Comes the Show (opening theme)
Okee Dokee Brothers Winterland Candles
Stacey & Althena SINGLE Holiday Lights
Uncle Dox SINGLE Christmas Lights
Top of the Bus SINGLE Feeling Christmassy
Huuli SINGLE That Festive Feeling
Annie Lynn SINGLE Everything Is Evergreen
Suzi Shelton with Strawbitty Yops, Mil's Trills SINGLE Happiness Surrounds Us
Kath Bee Something for Everyone In Winter
Ginalina It Takes a Village That Winter Chill
Fred Koch Tis The Season Cold Is the Morning
FleaBITE SINGLE Sing a Song of Sushi
Crazy Frog SINGLE Funny Song
Two Of A Kind So Many Ways To Be Smart I Want it to Snow
Kath Bee SINGLE The Impossible Christmas
McCutcheon, John Wintersongs Waiting for Snow
Itty Bitty Beats SINGLE Hoping For Snow
Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band Spinning Tails Snowflakes Are Dancing
Sprout, Jonathan On The Radio Snowing
Itty Bitty Beats Itty Bitty Christmas 2 EP Little Snowflake
The Hipwaders SINGLE It's Wintertime
Music With Michal SINGLE All About Love at Christmas
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Max Goberman, conductor Young People's Records Toy Symphony
Tom Glazer Young People's Records We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Gene Lowell Winter Fun Winter Fun
Gene Lowell Winter Fun Dig Deep
Gene Lowell Winter Fun Ice Skating
Gene Lowell Winter Fun Snowman
Gene Lowell Winter Fun Swimming
Gene Lowell Winter Fun Jingle Bells
Albert Groce, Gene Lowell Chorus Young People's Records Pussycat's Christmas
Tom Glazer Young People's Records The Twelve Days Of Christmas
Tom Glazer Young People's Records Round and Round the Christmas Tree
Morgan Freeman The Savior is Born The Savior Is Born (story)
Meryl Streep; Mark O'Connor The Night Before Christmas The Night Before Christmas (story)
ABBA Voyage Little Things
----------8:00AM---------- -------------------- ----------station ID----------
The Vegetable Plot SINGLE Stay Cool (In the Time of Yule)
Berkner, Laurie Another Laurie Berkner Christmas I Live Inside A Snow Globe (Shake It Up)
Not Long 2 Go SINGLE It's a Climate Change Christmas at the North Pole
Itty Bitty Beats Itty Bitty Christmas EP Ellie The Christmas Elephant
Charity And The Jamband SINGLE Peace is the Way
The Pocket Joys SINGLE Get Some Food With Me
Parry Gripp 2021 single Yuletide Nachos
Kristen Cook Play It Forward EP I Give Thanks
Jessica Harper Not a Traditional Christmas Mary Had a Baby
Ants Ants Ants SINGLE Christmas Time
Shawny SINGLE Happy Happy Holidays
Kristen Cook Play It Forward EP Fruit Fight
Berkner, Laurie Another Laurie Berkner Christmas Up On The Housetop
Rolie Polie Guacamole Diggin' in the Dirt Tropical Santa
Alsop, Peter Chris Moose Holidays Little Tree
Kathy Lowe Wishing You Peace I Am a Christmas Tree
Parry Gripp Jingle Burgers Christmas Pizza (Don't Be Late)
Alison Faith Levy You Are Magic Roots & Branches (outro)