WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for December 2, 2023
Sprout, Jonathan Dr. Music Here Comes the Show (opening theme)
Huuli SINGLE That Festive Feeling
Top of the Bus SINGLE Little Snowflake
Susan Salidor SINGLE Hey Little Leaf
Hot Toast Music Company SINGLE Livin' in the 918
Music with Mandy SINGLE Outside My Window
Nicosaurus SINGLE Ice Cream for Breakfast
Sonia De Los Santos SINGLE Ciao Papa
Happy Singing Kids SINGLE Jungle Jamboree
Steve Weeks (feat. Joanie Leeds) SINGLE Agree To Disagree
Itty Bitty Beats SINGLE Butterfly
Katie Ha Ha Ha (Katie Mullins) SINGLE You're Really Good at Sleeping
The Jolly Pops SINGLE Scooter All the Time
Music with Mandy SINGLE Sugar Rush
Kate Micucci My Hat Bucket of Beans
Crazy Frog SINGLE Funny Song
Wills Jams, Seeka Sings SINGLE Move Your Body
Kate Micucci My Hat Mister Rogers
Jelly of the Month Club SINGLE We Mosh
Todd Downing SINGLE Everyone Gets a Cupcake
Hey Duby SINGLE Good Friend
Levity Beet SINGLE Silly Sausage
Rolie Polie Guacamole SINGLE Monster Truck
You & Us (Nicole Porter) SINGLE What If Guns Only Shot Rainbows
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke SINGLE Super Spunky Funky Monkey
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Oscar Brand, Gene Lowell Chorus Young People's Records American Almanac - December
Martin Wolfson Young People's Records Kitchen Music
Frank Maxwell Young People's Records The Lonesome House
Norman Rose Young People's Records Where Do Songs Begin
Barry Frank, The Sandpipers SINGLE Around the World
Andrew & Polly Ahhhhh! I've Got a Problem (Ahhhhh!)
Andrew & Polly Ahhhhh! Get to Work
Andrew & Polly Ahhhhh! Square One
Emily Arrow Sing-Along with Emily Arrow If I Had a Hammer
Emily Arrow Sing-Along with Emily Arrow Makin' a Pizza
Emily Arrow Sing-Along with Emily Arrow Write Your Song
DJ Willy Wow! Hip Hope for Kids Doing the Right Thing (U Can Never Go Wrong)
DJ Willy Wow! Hip Hope for Kids Flight of the Butterflies
DJ Willy Wow! Hip Hope for Kids Shirley Temple
Al Start Excellent Songs for Children, Vol 4 The Seed & the Tree
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Johnny & the Raindrops We Made It! A Song Full of Hope
Johnny & the Raindrops We Made It! I Don't Want to Smile Today
Triple Rainbow Wild & Weird & Free Masterpiece
Kira Willey SINGLE On the Waves
Stacey Peasley Play in My Band Ring Your Bells
Stacey Peasley Play in My Band Dinosaur
Chandrika Tandon Ammu's Treasures Doggy In The Window
Chris Sand Magic Beans Jack MacDonald
Yeah Nah Let's Play Let's Play
Steve Elci & Friends Imagination Nation Benedict Arnold
Ratboy Jr Hamster Pants Littlest Giant
SaulPaul Black Folk Music Watu Moja
Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies Going to a Party! Call of the Wild
Mega Ran Buddy's Magic Toy Box That's a Bully!
Todd 'N' Tina Bombtastic Busy Dreaming
Hot Toast Music Company All the Feels Spaghetti
Music With Michal SINGLE All About Love at Christmas
Sharon Burch Colors of My Heart Earth Child
Grunsky, Jack Like A Flower To The Sun Big Blue Ball (outro)