WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for July 1, 2023
Sprout, Jonathan Dr. Music Here Comes the Show (opening theme)
Fabulous Lemon Drops SINGLE Step into the Sunshine
Stacy & Athena SINGLE Make a Difference
BenAnna Band SINGLE Marching Forward with Pride
Munslow, Keith SINGLE It Might Not Work
Go Banana Go! SINGLE Banana (Ooh Nah Nah)
Tiptoe Giants SINGLE Little River Runs
Munslow, Keith SINGLE Gold Inside
Yam On! SINGLE Ode to Pretzel
Young Folkies SINGLE Hooray (It's a Very Good Day)
Paper Bagg Band SINGLE Happiest Day
Trevor Walls SINGLE Frogs
Renee & Jeremy Lucky Star Ever and Always
Pointed Man Band SINGLE Bridges and Horses
Press Play Picture House SINGLE Creepy Crawlers
Carrie Ferguson SINGLE She, He, They (A Pronoun Song)
Erica Rabner SINGLE Lucky You're My Dad
Angie Who SINGLE Nursery Rhyme Mash
The Pocket Joys SINGLE Sit Next to You
Levity Beet SINGLE Echo Locating Machine
Frances England SINGLE The Cricket Song
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Dana SINGLE Bring On Summer
InsideOut Sharing Time Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime
Suzi Shelton SINGLE Beach Day
Smilin' Rylan Nummy Nummy Noodles Yay Beach Day!
Milkshake Got a Minute We Just Wanna Have Fun
Chenille Sisters, The Teaching Hippopotami To Fly Ridin' In The Car
Kyle Riley Sing to Me Going Swimming
Gunnar Madsen Old Mr. Mackle Hackle Summertime is Here
The Little Rockers Getting to the Gig Riding On My Bike
Tom Paxton A Car Full of Fun Songs We All Love to Go A-Traveling
The Jamies SINGLE Summertime
The Beach Boys A Child's Celebration Of Dance Music Fun, Fun, Fun
Charity And The Jamband Party Like a Twinkle Star Beach
Music with Michal feat. Tiptoe Giants Summer Days Fireworks
The Gum Drops SINGLE Sweet Summertime
Munslow, Keith Can't Sit Still I Love the Beach
Penny Pom Pom Believe in Your Magic Let's Have a Picnic
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong Sing America Summertime
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Melinda Mills Oasis Childrens Radio Sampler Vol.10 #4 What Would You Take to a Picnic
Jim Copp & Ed Brown A Fidgety Frolic The Picnic
Mike & Carleen McCornack Beasties, Bumbershoots & Lullabies Teddy Bear's Picnic
Gunnar Madsen I Am Your Food Egg Salad in the Sun
Emily Who Let's Pretend Will You Come Camping with Me?
McCutcheon, John Summersongs Camping in the Wilderness
Louis & Dan and The Invisible Band The Greats Put It On The Barbecue (feat. Tesfa Wondemagegnehu)
The Tractors The Kids Record (aka Chicken Covers) Jimmy's Fishin' Song
McCutcheon, John Springsongs Fishin'
Fred Mollin It's Great to Be a Kid Walking Hand in Hand
The Sunflowers Porcupine Parade Walking in a Field of Sunflowers
Earthworm Ensemble Earthworm Ensemble Walking Boy
Harley, Bill Walking Each Other Home Little Boat
Kim and Jerry Brodey Ideas That Sing Boat Goes Down the River
Caspar Babypants I Found You! Row Row Row Your Boat
Amy Rogell Balloons My Father's Boat
Tom Mason And The Blue Buccaneers If You Want To Be A Pirate Sailing On