WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for May 6, 2023
Sprout, Jonathan Dr Music Here Comes the Show (theme)  
Claudia Robin Gunn SINGLE Start My Day with a Smile
Joe McDermott SINGLE Summer Song
Kaci Bolls SINGLE Every Little Thing
Jessa Campbell & the Saplings Forest Flow Owl's Game (feat. TravisT)
Jaqualyn Williams SINGLE Only Owls
Dear Reader feat. One fine Day Kids SINGLE Smoke Machine
Micah & Me SINGLE Little Red Caboose
Micah & Me SINGLE My Tractor Song
Lucky Diaz & Family Jam Band SINGLE La Guitarrista!
123 Andrés SINGLE Natural
123 Andrés SINGLE Que Bueno Ser Niño  
Nathali En la Radio Luna Lunera  
Nanny Nikki SINGLE Puzzle Pieces
The Happy Racers SINGLE Long Way From Home
The Wiggles The Monkey Dance EP The Monkey Dance
Andy Z (Zamenes) SINGLE Monkey Dance
The Beanies SINGLE Funky Feet
Tiptoe Giants SINGLE What Goes in Your Nose
Darrelle London Primary Bugs
Fred Mollin It's Great to Be a Kid Playtime
Itty Bitty Beats Bath Time 2 Ebb and Flow
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Bingly & the Rogues #WrittenByKids Klondike
Press Play Picture House 2022 SINGLE Outer Space
Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band Aliens, Astronauts & Asteroids Space Walk
Parry Gripp 2022 single French Toast Fantasy World
Greg Lato Adults These Days New Lunchbox
Linda Yapp A New Day Look Into My Eyes
Kymberly Stewart Everybody Needs a Little Sunshine Clean It Up, Up, Up
Penny Pom Pom Everything Is Magic Music Is a Language
Harmonica Pocket, The Angels and Mistakes EP Eraser
Yeah Nah Are We There Yet? Dancing at the Disco
Joff Bush Bluey - Dance Mode Rain (Boldly in the Pretend)
Grant Maloy Smith Arise Together Let the Songbird Sing
Steve Elci Arise Together Delilah
Penny Pom Pom Believe in Your Magic Believe in Your Magic
Todd 'N' Tina Dynamite! Unicorns & Narwhals
The Tallest Kid in the Room Birthday Party Get Me Outside
Okee Dokee Brothers Brambletown In the Bramble
Bingly & the Rogues Critical Hit 37 Days Ago
Martin & Rose Music Dear Heart Dear Heart
Ginalina Forest Friends Nature Club The Sky Is Blue
Ginalina Going Back - Remembered Folk Songs, Vol 1 Going Back
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Harley, Bill The Teacher's Lounge The Science Fair (story)
Dana & the Petit Punks In Our World Let's Hang Out with the Scientists
Moona Luna Science Fair H2O
Elizabeth Mitchell Science Fair Phytoplankton
The Nields Science Fair Butterfly
Renee & Jeremy Science Fair (I Wanna Be Like) Madame Curie
Trout Fishing In America My World Science Fair
Ashley Albert Science Fair The Science Fair
John Hadfield Monkeys in the House Science is Everywhere