WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for April 15, 2023
Sprout, Jonathan Dr. Music Here Comes the Show (opening theme)
Colleen & Uncle Squaty Movin' Party Save Our World
The Pocket Joys SINGLE Sun Puddle
The Pocket Joys SINGLE Stay Forever
The Tallest Kid in the Room SINGLE It's the Weekend
Imagination Movers SINGLE Springtime
Al Start SINGLE Little Ray of Sunshine
Darrelle London
Primary Day Moon
Elvya Earth Day Around the World Earth Day Song Fairies and Elves Version
Allegra Levy Songs For You And Me Imagination
Freddy Apple SINGLE Cowboy on an Asteroid
Uncle Dox SINGLE Fish
Nathalia En la Radio Sounds of the Seasons
Fred Mollin It's Great to Be a Kid Dance to a Happy Song
Itty Bitty Beats Bath Time 2 Pyjama Jimmy Jam (Let's Dance)
Little Miss Ann SINGLE Tong Tong Tong
Mighty Drop Earth Day Around the World Earth Day Reggae
Okee Dokee Brothers Brambletown LIttle Dipper and Big Dipper
Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band SINGLE Flowers for Friends
Formidable Vegetable Micro Biome Thank You for the Food
Frank Cappelli SINGLE What on Earth Can We Do?
----------station ID----------
Al Start Robot Amazon Riversong
Allegra Levy Songs For You And Me Hip, Hip, Hooray!
Ms. Niki SINGLE Happy
The Swinging Belles More Sheep, Less Sleep Some Monsters
Uncle Dox SINGLE Elephants
The Pocket Joys SINGLE We Can Stay
Tom Weber How Do You Feel Today Earth Day Rock
Darrelle London Primary See You in My Dreams
Al Start Robot Telescope
The Sticker Club Scratch 'n' Sniff Tree Girl
Josh & the Jamtones SINGLE Bring the Sunshine
Charity And The Jamband SINGLE Inter-Be
Marsha & the Positrons SINGLE Thank You Science
Press Play Picture House 2023 SINGLE Quadrillion Ants
Okee Dokee Brothers Brambletown The Mycelium Underground News
Pete Seeger Pete Seeger & Brother Kirk Visit Sesame Street Garbage
The String Beans Dinosaur Pet Store Terrible Day!
The Swinging Belles More Sheep, Less Sleep Blast Off!
Charity And The Jamband Earth We Speak For The Earth
----------station ID----------
Jack Pearson The Merry Pirate School The Earth Day Jig
John Denver SINGLE Earth Day Every Day (remix)
Chapin, Tom This Pretty Planet Happy Earth Day
Melody Warnick Johnny Appleseed & Other American Legends John Muir
The Deedle Deedle Dees American History John Muir
Tom Callinan And Ann Shapiro Earth Revival Save What's Left
Formidable Vegetable In Real Life EP Earthday Birthday
Lonnie Park and the Earth Band My Earth Songs Bicycle Day feat. Wouter Kellerman
Alsop, Peter Chris Moose Holidays Earthsong
Charity And The Jamband Earth I Am the Earth