WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for January 7, 2023
Jonathan Sprout Dr. Music Here Comes the Show (opening theme)
Berkner, Laurie Another Laurie Berkner Christmas Happy New Year (Dance Remix)
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke SINGLE Happy Holidays
Katie Dwyer Let's Move Dance, Dance, Dance
The Good Ms Padgett If We Must We Must Dance Party Pizza Party
Beppie (Stephanie Nhan) Nice to Meet You Nice to Meet You
Beppie (Stephanie Nhan) Nice to Meet You Great Day
Bingly & the Rogues Critical Hit Good Day
John Denver Earth Songs Calypso
Jennifer Gasoi Songs for You Moon Pie
KB Whirly Greetings from Cloud 9 Gingerbread Man
Marsha & the Positrons SINGLE New Leaf
Marty Dread, Kalama School Chorus Arise Together Yes You Can
Mi Amigo Hamlet Today Is a Good Day You Are the Love of My Life
Renee Padgett Doin' It EP Changes
Michael Mish Sleepy Train Tree Lullabye
Oscar's Dad SINGLE Hush Now My Baby
Johnette Downing Swamp Romp Star in My Sky
Katie Dwyer Let's Move Dream
Penny Pom Pom Everything Is Magic Magic on a Canvas
Rupam Sarmah, Ruth Weber Choir Arise Together Children of the World
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The Macaroons SINGLE Matzah Pizza
The BeatBuds SINGLE Sam the Latka Man
Jennifer Gasoi Songs for You The Pizza Man
Jesse Jukebox Just a Minute Pierogi Polka
Todd 'N' Tina Kaboom Confetti Spaghetti
The Pop Ups Great Pretenders Club Animal Birthday Party
Rabbit! Go for It When We Were Young
Street Corner Symphony Jukebox Amazing Things
Istvan & His Imaginary Band Sweet! Little Willy
Johnette Downing Swamp Romp J'ai vu le Loup, le Renard et la Belette
Lucky Jim & His Imaginary Friends Lucky Jim's Family Album BMX Bikes
Lucky Jim & His Imaginary Friends There's Something Stinky in the Fridge Under the Bed
Mr. Roberelli Catch a Breath Bright Star
Penny Pom Pom Everything Is Magic Earth, Water, Air and Fire
Raffi SINGLE Young People Marching
Sonshine & Broccoli Born to Be Brave Different Is Good
The Tallest Kid in the Room Birthday Party Get Me Outside
Uncle Brothers Just Say Uncle! It's Just A Game (Gardner, Quinn)
Josh Lovelace aka Young Folk Moonwalking I Believe In You
Two Of A Kind SINGLE Be Who You Are
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Katie Dwyer Let's Move Hoot Like Me
Eve And Mare Green Means Go Firefly Lullaby
Music With Michal Mindful Music Moments with Michal Mama Bird
The Pop Ups Great Pretenders Club Bird & Rhino
Grant Maloy Smith Arise Together Let the Songbird Sing
Derek McKinley SINGLE Cardinals, Cardinals (I'm a Bird)
Claudia Robin Gunn Sing For the Sea The Loneliest Whale
Levity Beet SINGLE Following the Whale
Lucky Jim & His Imaginary Friends Lucky Jim's Family Album Monkeys in a Zoo
Mr. Elephant Songs for the Young, Old & in Between Dinosaurs
Papa John Allee The Dinosaur Stomp! EP The Dinosaur Stomp! version #1
The Beanies The White (and Rainbow) Album Unicorns
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke Mythical Creatues The Last Unicorn
Linda Yapp A New Day A Manatee Tea Party
Bingly & the Rogues Critical Hit My Cat
Alexi & the Rock O'Clock Band Tell Everybody Hot Dog Cold Dog
Fabulous Lemon Drops Can You Hear the Sound I Am A Spider
Istvan & His Imaginary Band Playtime Little Spider
Renee Padgett Got Tricks Life on the Pond
Kathy Sherman & the Good Folk Collective Let's Sing! Songs for Big & Little Activists Sing for the Climate (outro)