WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for December 31, 2022
Jonathan Sprout DR. Music Here Comes the Show (opening theme)
Bob McGrath Sing Me A Story Flyin'
Bob McGrath Sing Me A Story Everyone Asked About You
Bob McGrath Sing Me A Story Zip-Zing-Flip-Flop
Gustafer Yellowgold Brighter Side Brighter Side
Gustafer Yellowgold Wide Wild World I'm from the Sun
Gustafer Yellowgold I'm From the Sun Feel Your Shine
InsideOut Sharing Time Bolero
Enya A Day Without Rain Flora's Secret
InsideOut Innocence Rubber Ducky
InsideOut Sharing Time In the Sun They Melted (Snowmen II)
Music With Michal SINGLE Special Day
Eric Herman Magic Beans Merry-Go-Round
Renee Padgett Walking Sideways Spider Rider
Bingly & the Rogues Critical Hit These Ain't My Pants
Brady Rymer & The Little Band That Could That Friday Feeling That Friday Feeling
John Denver SINGLE Earth Day Every Day (remix)
Nathalia Mil Colores Arcoíris En Me Corazón
Nathalia Mil Colores Sueños y Deseos (inst)
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EVT Kids SINGLE A Beautiful Day.mp3
David Gibb Pedal Onwards Just Keep Going
Wendy & DB Into the Little Blue House Going to the City
Todd 'N' Tina Kaboom Tennis Racket Guitar
Roberts, Justin Space Cadet I Have Been A Unicorn
Lucky Jim & His Imaginary Friends There's Something Stinky in the Fridge Grandma Made Good Compost
Josh Lovelace aka Young Folk Moonwalking Perfect Day
Claudia Robin Gunn Sing For the Sea Eagle Ray
Louis & Dan and The Invisible Band The Greats Griff the Gremlin
Penny Pom Pom Believe in Your Magic Dandelion
Gustafer Yellowgold Wide Wild World Pterodactyl Tuxedo
Linda Yapp For the Love of Hawaii The Hokey Polka Hoedown
Katie Dwyer Let's Move I Am Me
The Tallest Kid in the Room Birthday Party Close (But Not Too Close)
Bingly & the Rogues Critical Hit Girl of the North
Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band Aliens, Astronauts & Asteroids I Space Out
The Pop Ups Meet the Alpha Beats (soundtrack) Mad About the Moon
Parry Gripp 2022 single Last Train to Awesometown
Splash`N Boots I Am Love BRAVE
Alexi & the Rock O'Clock Band Tell Everybody I'm So Bored with the ABC's
Jesse Jukebox Just a Minute Groovy Kangaroo
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Michael Mish Aesop's Fables The Lion and the Mouse
Lah-Lah Catch Me If You Can Catch Me If You Can
Andy Glockenspiel Excuse Me? You Like Me Too
Papa John Allee For All the Children Hold onto Your Dream
Alsop, Peter Camping With Dads Spit Ball
Bee Parks & the Hornets Welcome to Our Hive Swarm Power
Istvan & His Imaginary Band Sweet! Mr. Moon's Song
Brighter Light Brigade Feel It All Feel It All
123 Andrés Yo Aprendo EP Vamos a Encontrar Este Color
Street Corner Symphony Jukebox Kindness Is Timeless
Steve Elci Arise Together Delilah
Catherine Day, Smithfield Virginia School Choir Arise Together Love Conquers All, the Gift
Fabulous Lemon Drops Can You Hear the Sound A New Generation
Jazzy Ash Sing Together Sing Together
Penny Pom Pom Believe in Your Magic Sing to the Sun
The Relative Minors Minor Third Dance Those Clouds Away
Twinpop Lemon-Lime EP Wild Places
Enya A Day Without Rain Silver Inches