WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for September 3, 2022
Sprout, Jonathan Dr. Music Here Comes the Show Opening Theme
Genevieve Goings SINGLE Summer All Year Long
The Tallest Kid in the Room I See a Playground I See A Playground
Gustafer Yellowgold SINGLE I'm from the Sun
Beppie (Stephanie Nhan) There's a Song Inside Me You Are My Sunshine
Rabbit! Go for It New Day Sunshine
Tara Drouin SINGLE Starlight
Gustafer Yellowgold Dark Pie Concerns One's Onions
Alexi & the Rock O'Clock Band Tell Everybody Great to Be Me
Kathryn the Grape (Kathryn Cloward) We're All in This Together I Am Happy Being Me
Fabulous Lemon Drops SINGLE I Am Happy (to Be Me)
Gustafer Yellowgold Minnesota Chronicles Go to Earth
Kathryn the Grape We're All in This Together We're All In This Together
Fabulous Lemon Drops Dance! It's Our World
Rabbit! SINGLE (We Are) All in This Together
Beppie (Stephanie Nhan) SINGLE Great Day
The Beanies The White (and Rainbow) Album I'm Ready
Poppy Galactic & the Beat Made of Stardust I Can Be Anything
Triple Rainbow You Are Magic Facts
The Tallest Kid in the Room I See a Playground I Wanna Go Back To School
Genevieve Goings SINGLE Back to School
Brighter Light Brigade Traveling Together Goodbye Summer
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Paper Rainbows Imaginations Imaginations
Paper Rainbows Imaginations New Yellow Bike
Paper Rainbows Imaginations Anything At All
Martin & Rose Music Dear Heart Duck Boots
Martin & Rose Music Dear Heart Dear Heart
Martin & Rose Music Dear Heart Cars
Howdytoons Dinosaurs & Monsters Brontosaurus Is Back
Howdytoons Dinosaurs & Monsters I'm a Pterodactyl
Howdytoons Dinosaurs & Monsters Brachiosaurus
Alexi & the Rock O'Clock Band Tell Everybody Good Morning (I Feel Like the Sun)
Alexi & the Rock O'Clock Band Tell Everybody Mom Says No
Dirtgirl Gumboot Boogie Every Little Drop
Captain Festus McBoyle SINGLE Breathe
Helen Goodwin 24 Kiddie Favourites White Pyjamas
The Mudcakes SINGLE Pancakes
Angie Who Littlefolk My Cup of Tea
Brett Campbell New Songs 2022 The Irritator
Fabulous Lemon Drops Dance! Get Moving
Fabulous Lemon Drops Everything's Gone Green! Ice Matters
Anika Moa Songs for Bubbas Sweet Dreams
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Mr. Yipadee SINGLE What Time Is It?
Levity Beet SINGLE Following the Whale
Judi Cranston Imagine That! I Turned Into a Dinosaur!
Little Feet Music I'm Jelly It's Mine
Bunny Racket In Space Bounce
The Kazoos Twist & Shake Smoothie
Formidable Vegetable Grow Do It You Are What You Eat
Pevan & Sarah The Tiger Tail It's OK to Make Mistakes
FleaBITE SINGLE Kittens on the Brain
FleaBITE Circus of Fleas You Make Me Laugh
Kath Bee Allsorts Unfamiliar Places
McCutcheon, John Autumnsongs Labor Day
McCutcheon, John Autumnsongs New Kid in School
Steve Weeks SINGLE Agree To Disagree (feat Joanie Leeds)
Big Idea Committee Big Idea Committee Waiting for You
Dana & the Petit Punks In Our World In Our World
Rabbit! Go for It Best Thing I Found