WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for May 7, 2022
Sprout, Jonathan Dr. Music Here Comes the Show Opening Theme
Johnny & the Raindrops SINGLE Happy Mother's Day
Jack Pearson The Merry Pirate School Hello to You
Alex & The Kaleidoscope Get On Board! Mama's In The Kitchen
Gwendolyn & The Good Time Gang Gwendolyn & The Good Time Gang Freedom Of The Heart
Vincent Brand New Day My Mother's Wedding Day
Ginalina Home Is Family Home Is Family
Teeny Tiny Stevies SINGLE How Am I Different
Earthworm Ensemble Earthworm Ensemble Mama Loves You
Harmonica Pocket, The Apple Apple Happy Mother's Day
Esther Crow SINGLE Stuff!
Two Of A Kind Family Album Love Makes A Family
Mista Cookie Jar SINGLES Mama
Jessica Harper Nora's Room Mamas Kitchen
Tim Noah Supertunes Little Voice Inside
Berkner, Laurie Waiting For The Elevator A Hug From My Mama
Craig & Co Rock 'N Together Family
Terry Grosvenor Lollipops - Pop Songs for Young Rockers Mama Blues
FleaBITE SINGLE Cos I'm Your Mum
Suzi Shelton No Ordinary Day Mama's House, Daddy's House
Grunsky, Jack Hoppin' Socks Just a Walk in the Park
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Imagination Movers Eight Feet Springtime!
Tim Cain A Day In Tim's Garden Spring Is Here
Rosenshontz Tickles You The Garden Song
Grunsky, Jack Like A Flower To The Sun Seeds For My Garden
McCutcheon, John Springsongs Spring Fever
Little Ripples Little Ripples Seed song
McCutcheon, John Family Garden Family Garden
The BeatBuds The BeatBuds, Vol 1 When The Rain Falls Down
Alex & The Kaleidoscope Get On Board! Vegetable Garden Town
Woody's World Good Morning Kids Storm
The Polkadots Ooh La La Music in My Head
Chris Lam Sam Silly Funny Songs For Kids Questions
Anna van Riel Cooking Up a Song The Orchard
Sally Balfour Clara Crocodile Deluxe Mango
Zucchini Clan Wildlife Little Black Fly
Pevan & Sarah The Tiger Tail My Balloon
Angie Who I Love You the Most Fields Of Green
Brett Campbell The Tomato Album The Farmers Wife
Kath Bee Children - Our Voices Intertwined A Little Song
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Formidable Vegetable Earth People Fair Singing Makes it Better
The MikMaks Working on the Farm Dance Dance
Anika Moa Songs for Bubbas, Vol 2 Taniwha, Taniwha
The Cuddly Koalas SINGLE Little Hands
B Minor Music (Bree Hansen) It's Music Time Can You
Mr. Yipadee SINGLE Granny's Undies
Spikey & Friends In My Backyard Little Black Duck
Dirtgirl Gumboot Boogie Buzzy Buzzy
Stinky Ninja Musical Style Adventures Jack in Giantland
Michael Palin Jack And The Beanstalk Jack And The Beanstalk (story & music)
Berkner, Laurie Superhero Opelika Alabama
Raffi Quiet Time Spring Flowers (outro)