WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for April 30, 2022
Sprout, Jonathan Dr. Music Here Comes the Show Opening Theme
Brady Rymer & The Little Band That Could SINGLE Happy Birthday, Trees
Grunsky, Jack Dream Catcher My Tree
Splash`N Boots Keepin' It Green Hey Little Tree
Charley Thweatt Riding on the Train Day After Day
Banana Slug String Band Dirt Made My Lunch I'm A Tree
Ozomatli Ozomatli Presents Ozokidz Trees
Green Chili Jam Band Magic Bike Trees
Benny Time What a Beautiful Day There's a Tree in My Street
Frances England Blink of an Eye Look How The Light Dances With Trees
Itty Bitty Beats Lay Your Head Down Leaves On The Trees
World Patrol Kids Earth Tunes Trees
Ants Ants Ants Why Why Why? Willow Tree
Alex & The Kaleidoscope Get On Board! Peach Tree
Ginalina SINGLE The Wild and Wonderful Cedars
Kim and Jerry Brodey Let's Help This Planet Rainforest Rap
The Whizpops! Adventures of Stretch McCoy Forest Communities Final Mix
Robin And The Giant Not Too Long Ago Forests Green
Alex & The Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope Songs III_ Animals We Dream This Tree
Charley Thweatt Riding on the Train Walk in the Woods
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Chris McKhool Earth, Seas, And Air When You're a Tree
Charity And The Jamband Earth Keep A Green Tree In Your Heart
Caspar Babypants Keep It Real! A Dancing Tree
Esther Crow This Is Thunder And Sunshine I'm A Tree
Dana & the Petit Punks What Do You Want to Be Little Tree
Earth Mama Celebrate Earth Tree Polka
Elena Moon Park Unhurried Journey Underneath The Marshmallow Tree
J.P. Taylor & The Academics Singin' for the Earth The Lady in the Tree
Fabulous Lemon Drops Everything's Gone Green! Don't Chop The Trees Down
Claudia Robin Gunn Sing Through the Year Treehouse
Claudia Robin Gunn Sing Through the Year Apple Tree
Levity Beet Little Beets So Lets Climb Trees
Little Ripples Little Ripples Tree Song
Formidable Vegetable Earth People Fair Trees Eat Us All
Zoons SINGLE La Ra
Anna van Riel Fishing for Stars Only One Planet
B Minor Music Let's Make Music Let's Travel Around The World
The Kazoos Twist & Shake Animal Walk
----------8 AM----------
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Mr. Roberelli Midnight Feast There Goes the Day
Sally Balfour Clara Crocodile Deluxe Night Sky
The MikMaks Play The Night Time Animal Song
The Mighty Buzzniks Bug Out Here Comes The Rain
Peter Combe Munchy Crunchy Songs Stuck In A Pizza
Happy Singing Kids Uh Oh Spaghetti-Oh Lullaby Angel
Diver City Dance Silly Love Is Love (Rainbow Family)
Judi Cranston Imagine That! A Pirate's Life
Kath Bee Just Chillin' Enchanted Forest
Jerry & Nancy Bell Jerry & Nancy Bell Vol. 2 The Very First Tree
Parachute Express Don't Blink Giving Tree
Ralph's World Time Machine Guitar Hummingbird Tree
Ted Jacobs The Days Gone By The Sugar-Plum Tree
Suzi Shelton SINGLE Magnolia Tree
Two Of A Kind Sing Me Your Story Coconut Trees (feat Acoustic Blender)
Señor Fancypants Señor Fancypants Treehouse
Berkner, Laurie Under A Shady Tree Under A Shady Tree
Formidable Vegetable Earth People Fair Plant Some Trees