WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for April 2, 2022
Sprout, Jonathan Dr. Music Here Comes the Show Opening Theme
Danny Weinkauf SINGLE Today Is the Day
Daria SINGLE Sarasponda
Debbie And Friends Story Songs and Sing Alongs Love is a Family
Eric Herman Magic Beans Merry-Go-Round
Eric Herman Magic Beans Magic Beans
Polisar, Barry Louis I Eat Kids and Other Songs My Dentist is an Awfully Nice Man
Zoons (Sheree Veysey) SINGLE La Ra
Uncle Dox SINGLE Color Me Happy
Two Of A Kind Connections Room To Spread Her Wings
Melissa and the Mighty Dog Play List Mac 'n' Cheese
Mr. Pete's Playhouse SINGLE Promenade
Mr. Pete's Playhouse SINGLE Come Down to the V.I.
McCutcheon, John Springsongs Spring Fever
Leonard Eckhaus SINGLE The Gift of Friendship
Steve Elci & Friends SINGLE Daffodil Girl
Mister B's Buzz SINGLE One Day At A Time
Bears And Lions Wild and Free The Wagon
BenAnna Band SINGLE What are You Gonna Do in 2022
----------7:00 AM---------- -------------------- ----------station ID----------
The Gumdrops SINGLE Dream Big
Formidable Vegetable In Real Life EP More
Jazzy Ash SINGLE Everybody Gotta Sing
Little Miss Ann SINGLE Welcome Spring (feat Suzi Shelton)
Basho & Friends SINGLE The Beach
Uncle Jumbo SINGLE Be Persistent
Hap Palmer SINGLE States of Matter
Benny Timel SINGLE Little Grey Cloud (It's OK to Cry)
Kelli Welli Robots Don't Tell Jokes Rainbow Love Song
Evokids SINGLE My Work Song
Kath Bee Children - Our Voices Intertwined Sisters and Brothers
Kath Bee Allsorts Breakfast Time
Kath Bee Something for Everyone Paper Planes
Jaqualyn Williams SINGLE Tekau Ngā Pēpeke
Dirtgirl Gumboot Boogie The Happy Song
Mr. Roberelli Same Moon and Sun So Fascinating (Oscar's Song)
The Vegetable Plot Season Two Mr Potato
Zucchini Clan Electric Heirloom Mix EP Solar Power!
Happy Singing Kids Uh Oh Spaghetti-Oh Grumplestiltskin
----------8:00 AM---------- -------------------- ----------station ID----------
Teeny Tiny Stevies Useful Songs for Little People My Bed
The Mudcakes Songs for Little Monkeys So Sleepy
The Wiggles Apples & Bananas The Four Presents
Little Ripples Rise and Fall Dandelion
Woody's World SINGLE Wake Up
Nay Nay (Naomi Young) Hey Hey, Let's Play Little Superstar
Tiptoe Giants SINGLE Outside Time (My Favorite Time of Day)
Little Feet Music Giggle & Jiggle Shake Your Partner's Hand
Claudia Robin Gunn Sing Through the Year Clouds
David C. Perry SINGLE Putin on the Fritz
Rick Scott Philhamonic Fool April Fool
McCutcheon, John Springsongs Snow in April
Hooray Miss Marae SINGLE If I Was a Superhero
Big Idea Committee SINGLE Spring
Itty Bitty Beats SINGLE Tutti Fruity Island
The Zing Zangs SINGLE Invisible Friend
Jerry & Nancy Bell Jerry & Nancy Bell Vol. 2 The Fairy Queen