WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for February 5, 2022
Sprout, Jonathan Dr. Music Here Comes the Show (theme)
Aaron Glassman Wild Child Serengeti
Chapin, Tom Around The World And Back Again In An Elephant World
Sara Lovell Night Life How the Jungle Sleeps
Randy & Dave Calling All the Elephants Calling All the Elephants
Katie Dwyer Music Makes Me Happy Jungle Safari
Falu A Colorful World The Elephant Stomp
Joe Scruggs Deep In The Jungle Deep In The Jungle
Itty Bitty Beats Bath Time Ellie the Elephant
Danny Adlerman & Friends Wild Child Africa Calling
Caspar Babypants Hot Dog! Eleanor The Elegant Elephant
Jon Samson Another Kids Album Us And Animals
Mike Pinder A Planet with One Mind The Rajah's Rice
Tom Paxton Goin' To The Zoo Goin' To The Zoo
Rick Scott Rick Around the Rock Elephant Ride
Tish Steinfeld/ Wild Child Full Moon Over Africa
Grunsky, Jack Like A Flower To The Sun Ontario (bkgnd)
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Anna Moo Anna Moo Crackers Mysteries Of The Nile
Anna Moo Anna Moo Crackers Alligator Stomp
Oh! Ogopogo Oh! Ogopogo Alligator, Alligator
Chenille Sisters, The Teaching Hippopotami To Fly Deepest Africa
Mike & Carleen McCornack Sunshine Cake Never Smile At A Crocodile
Alex & The Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope Songs III_ Animals We Dream Crocodile
Rosenshontz Tickles You Hippopotamus Rock
The Dreamtree Shakers Big Top Tent Magical Giraffe
Sugar Beats Everybody Is A Star The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Bears And Lions Navigate Animal Land
Woody's World SINGLE Wake Up
Woody's World Good Morning Kids Charlie And Belinda Mouse
Woody's World Let's Play Starlight
Stinky Ninja Musical Style Adventures Oh Windy Day
Formidable Vegetable Permaculture- A Rhymer's Manual No Such Thing as Waste
Anna van Riel Cooking Up a Song Upside Down
FleaBITE The Jungle Is Jumping Get Out
Sally Balfour Clara Crocodile Deluxe Welcome
The Mudcakes SINGLE Pancakes
Fabulous Lemon Drops Everything's Gone Green! I Am The Frog
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Little Feet Music Giggle & Jiggle Shake Your Partner's Hand
Tiptoe Giants Colour the World Party Animals
Mr. Yipadee Fun Animal Songs for Kids Bounce Like a Kangaroo (Zoo)
Zucchini Clan Electric Heirloom Mix EP 3 Years Old
The Vegetable Plot SINGLE Clean Machine (Eat your Greens)
Little Ripples Little Ripples From the Window
Claudia Robin Gunn Sing Through the Year Spring Song
Chris Lam Sam Silly Funny Songs For Kids Yummy Colours
Kath Bee Children - Our Voices Intertwined So Quiet
Levity Beet SINGLE Plant a Seed
Bears And Lions Wild and Free The Wagon
EVT Kids SINGLE Rocco the Rockstar
Itty Bitty Beats SINGLE Marpo the Hippopotamus
Emily Who The Sound of Today Dance Like a Dinosaur
Parry Gripp 2022 single I Want a Dog
Tiny Music SINGLE Get Up, Get Up
Parry Gripp 2022 single Acorn Alert
Music With Michal Summer Days Hey Neighbour
The Microphone Doctors Together with Two EP Together with Two
Grunsky, Jack Like A Flower To The Sun Big Blue Ball (outro)