WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for January 29, 2022
Sprout, Jonathan Dr. Music Here Comes the Show (theme)
Little Ripples SINGLE Little Bee
Triple Rainbow You Are Magic Dance Party
Triple Rainbow You Are Magic The Lake
Triple Rainbow You Are Magic Under the Water
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke Animal Tales Frog Fiesta
Michael & The Rockness Monsters Similarities Frogs
Animal Farm We Are One Two-Headed Tortoise
Artichoke 26 Animals Jellyfish
Banana Slug String Band Only One Ocean Turtle Ate a Jelly
The Whizpops! Sea Blue Sea Sea Turtle
Linda Arnold Splash Zone Goin' to the Coral Reef
Banana Slug String Band Only One Ocean Coral Reef
Linda Arnold Splash Zone I Am the Rolling Sea
Banana Slug String Band We All Live Downstream River Song
The Whizpops! Science and Wonder Watershed
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Daria SINGLE Thanks To The Doctors And Nurses
Key Wilde & Mr Clarke SINGLE Sun Will Shine Again
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo Easy New Day
Alphabet Rockers SINGLE You are Not Alone
SaulPaul All Star Anthem Rise Remix
O.ur W.est L.ife This is Family Moon and Stars
O.ur W.est L.ife This is Family Grooving
Zucchini Clan Electric Heirloom Mix EP Unique
Itty Bitty Beats On The Move The Space Pirate
Itty Bitty Beats SINGLE A Pirate's What I Am
Itty Bitty Beats On The Move Window Wipers
JellyBean Queen SINGLE The Fantail Song (Piwakawaka)
The Wiggles Taking Off I've Got My Glasses On!
Tiptoe Giants Colour the World Kindness Anthem
Lah-Lah SINGLE Catch Me If You Can
The MikMaks Working on the Farm Dance Dance
Judi Cranston Imagine That! I Choose to Be Happy
The Cuddly Koalas SINGLE Why Cant I
Loopy Tunes SINGLE The Maui Dolphin
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Chris Lam Sam Silly Funny Songs For Kids Let's Make A Funny Face
The Polkadots Ooh La La Magic Carpet
Levity Beet SINGLE The Children on the Train
Dirtgirl Gumboot Boogie My Place
Anna van Riel Cooking Up a Song Rain on My Garden
Teeny Tiny Stevies Thoughtful Songs for Little People Can't Wait to Be Home
Sally Balfour Clara Crocodile Deluxe Clara Crocodile (with Narration)
Diver City Welcome to Diver City Good Morning
The Mudcakes SINGLE Pancakes
Brett Campbell Trucks Ducks & Scary Monsters Dinosaurs
Berkner, Laurie The Dance Remixes We Are The Dinosaurs (Dance Remix
Bobs & LoLo Dirty Feet Uh Oh
Music with Gina Wondering We Will Get Through
Microphone Doctors Together with Two EP Together with Two
Ashley Mills Monaghan SINGLE I Can Eat a Rainbow
Robin & Micheal Goodrow Amazing Rainbow of Colors
Hot Peas 'n Butter Back To The Land, Vol 8 Rainbow In Your Eyes
Dad Jokes Duo SINGLE When I Grow Up