WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for November 20, 2021
Sprout, Jonathan Dr. Music Here Comes the Show (intro)
David Grover Watch Me Now! Pass It On
David Grover There's A Light In You There's A Light In You
David Grover There's A Light In You Midnight March Of The Dinosaurs
David Grover Caterpillar Butterfly Thank You
Sharon, Lois & Bram Best of the Best Skinnamarink
Sharon, Lois & Bram Best of the Best How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
Sharon, Lois & Bram Best of the Best Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor
Kid Pan Alley Maybe By Next Year The Day the Stars Reached the Ear
Kid Pan Alley Maybe By Next Year Small Things Make a Difference
Kid Pan Alley Maybe By Next Year Dead on Arrival
Falu Falu's Bazaar Shapes
Falu A Colorful World The Elephant Stomp
Falu A Colorful World My Train
Falu A Colorful World Lullaby for Nishaad
EVT Kids SINGLE Hope and Love
Harmonica Pocket, The Sing Your Song Apples On The Sun
Jeanie B! And The Jelly Beans Sugar Buzz The Best Me I Can Be
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Dean Jones When the World Was New Stand With Me
Parry Gripp SINGLE A Smile Can Save the World
Brian Waite Band Can't Sit Still A New Land
Billy Jonas What Kind of Cat Are You? Nocturnal
Banana Slug String Band Penguin Parade Go Into The Night
Mo Phillips Spectacular Daydream Hibernate
Mister G The Bossy E Camp
Bobs & LoLo Blue Skies Blue Skies
Ben Decter & Dave Nachmanoff Another Big Day Another Big Day
Levity Beet Little Beets Lets Run
Levity Beet My Best Friend Jake Is a Cyborg Purple Yeti
Levity Beet SINGLE The Children on the Train
Mr. Roberelli Midnight Feast When You're Small
Lah-Lah Lah-Lah's Adventures Birds
Kath Bee Children - Our Voices Intertwined Autumn Leaves
Fatcat & Fishface Pretty Ugly The Wreck of the Diddley
Judi Cranston Imagine That! I Choose to Be Happy
Formidable Vegetable Permaculture- A Rhymer's Manual Energy
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Music With Michal Summer Days Dance with Me
Music With Michal Summer Days Fireworks
Music With Michal Summer Days Summer Days
Jaqualyn Williams Waiata Tamariki I Can
Teeny Tiny Stevies Helpful Songs for Little People Try It
Dirtgirl Gumboot Boogie My Place
Itty Bitty Beats On The Move Dance Dance Dance
The MikMaks Working on the Farm Dance Dance
Woody's World Good Morning Kids Storm
The Cuddly Koalas SINGLE Feelings
Helen Goodwin 24 Kiddie Favourites Prehistoric Animal Brigade
Hot Peas 'n Butter A Second Helping (Vol 2) Campo
The Jellydots Hey You Kids! Three is a Magic Number
Terri Hendrix Celebrate the Difference Nerves
Suzanne Jamieson Bounce Luna
Ratboy Jr Lucky Foot and Sunny Moon Dirt
Randy & Dave Life on a Trampoline A Weird Thing Happened
Megan Schoenbohm You Are Enough If You Like
Grunsky, Jack Like A Flower To The Sun Big Blue Ball (outro)