WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for October 16, 2021
Sprout, Jonathan Dr. Music Here Comes the Show
Craig & Co Morning 'N Night Good Morning
Craig & Co Morning 'N Night What a Day!
Craig & Co Morning 'N Night Big Boy
Kaci Bolls SINGLE What I'm Feelin'
Triple Rainbow SINGLE Why Can't Every Day Be Halloween
Simon Stanley SINGLE Floating Down the River
The Tallest Kid in the Room I See a Playground I Wanna Go Back To School
Frances England Sway EP Ordinary Things
Frances England Mind of My Own Do You Hear the Birds Singing
Megan Schoenbohm The Light Out Beyond
Megan Schoenbohm The Light The Light
Megan Schoenbohm The Light Together
Mil's Trills Let It Out Small Specks
Mil's Trills Let It Out Back to the Breath
Bobs & LoLo Blue Skies My Friends
Bobs & LoLo Blue Skies Big Day
The Pop Ups Appetite for Construction Getting the Job Done
The Pop Ups Radio Jungle Pop Up City
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Music Workshop For Kids Family Playground Pick and Choose
Bubboon's Tunes Songs To Blather By The Cheese Song
Gunnar Madsen I Am Your Food What If I?
Tim Cain A Day In Tim's Garden Pancakes
Anna Moo Moochas Gracias Peanut Butter Blues
Big Block Singsong BBSS Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Junk Food
Chapin, Tom Give Peas A Chance The Junk Food Pyramid
Chapin, Tom Give Peas A Chance The Ultimate Lunchroom
Sesame Street Sesame Road Hey Food
Fabulous Lemon Drops Dance! We Are What We Eat
Fabulous Lemon Drops Dance! It's Our World
Fabulous Lemon Drops Everything's Gone Green! Everything's Gone Green
FleaBITE Bite Me Food O'Clock
Formidable Vegetable Grow Do It Eatin' Weeds
Fatcat & Fishface Bestest & Horriblest You Are What You Eat
Anika Moa Songs for Bubbas, Vol 2 My Nana's Farm
Captain Festus McBoyle (Rich Manic) Bubbles n' Squeak Potatoe Song
Anna van Riel Cooking Up a Song Cooking Up a Song
Itty Bitty Beats SINGLE My Ice Cream Cone
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Teeny Tiny Stevies Useful Songs for Little People I Ate a Rainbow
The Vegetable Plot Season One Squeeze your Vegetables and Grow up up up
Loopy Tunes Kakariki-Simply Us Ngati Fruit Salad Kids
B Minor Music (Bree Hansen) It's Music Time Down in the Garden
Angie Who Littlefolk Chicken Dinner Song
The Mudcakes Cave Baby Shortnin' Bread
Brett Campbell The Tomato Album I Will Not Ever Eat A Tomato Until Wednesday
Mr. Yipadee Fun Animal Songs for Kids Old MacDonald
Nay Nay (Naomi Young) Hey Hey, Let's Play My Brother Ate My LEGO
Brady Rymer & The Little Band That Could Under The Big Umbrella Under The Big Umbrella
Robin & Micheal Goodrow Amazing Listen
Terry Grosvenor Fun Songs for Tadpoles to Frogs Twenty Froggies
Sue McBride Shine EP Canoe Song - Land Of The Silver Birch
Mister B's Buzz SINGLE When Johnny Comes Marching Home
McCutcheon, John Autumnsongs Halloween
Harley, Bill Down In The Backpack Milky Way
Raffi Dog On The Floor Fiddle Dance (outro)