WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for October 2, 2021
Sprout, Jonathan Dr. Music Here Comes the Show
Itty Bitty Beats SINGLE Rise and Shine
Ben Tatar & the Tatar Tots Seconds The Breakfast Song (Start It Right)
Ben Tatar & the Tatar Tots Seconds Thinking Of Pizza
Ben Tatar & the Tatar Tots Seconds Peanut Butter!
Peanut Butter Jams The Road to Gettin' Better Good Morning
Peanut Butter Jams The Road to Gettin' Better The Road to Gettin' Better (Is Not a Straight Line)
Peanut Butter Jams The Road to Gettin' Better Sing Out
Hot Peas 'n Butter Back To The Land Big World Kid (Feat Laurie Berkner)
Bobs & LoLo Blue Skies Big Day
Katie Ha Ha Ha We Are Animals Possibilities
Megan Schoenbohm You Are Enough My Teacher
Rabbit! Happiness Is Simple Happiness Is Simple
Steve Elci & Friends Jump in the Puddles Trampoline
Simon Stanley SINGLE Floating Down the River
Terry Grosvenor On the Wings of a Dragonfly Hiawatha
The Dinner Dogs Guess What ?! Lift Up Your Spirit
The Oot n' Oots Ponderosa Bunchgrass and the Golden Rule Once Upon a Dream
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Ben Decter & Dave Nachmanoff Another Big Day Another Big Day
Artichoke SINGLE Hummingbird
Pete Moss Birds Rock Woodpecker
Pete Moss Birds Rock Goldfinch
Pete Moss Birds Rock Nighthawk
The Dreamtree Shakers Pretend A Parade I Like Birds
The Dreamtree Shakers Dream and You Will See Mother Bird Song
The Hollow Trees Wacky's Tackle Free Little Bird
Caspar Babypants Here I Am! Free Like A Bird
Caspar Babypants Away We Go! Small Bird
Chenille Sisters, The Teaching Hippopotami To Fly Little Chickadee
Tiptoe Giants (AU) Colour the World Kindness Anthem
FleaBITE (NZ) Snakes Alive The Call Of The Wild
Angie Who (AU) I Love You the Most The Bird Song
Itty Bitty Beats (NZ) On The Move 11 Dance Dance Dance
Jaqualyn Williams (NZ) Waiata Tamariki Helicopter
Diver City (AU) Dance Silly Together We Fly
Sally Balfour (AU) Clara Crocodile Deluxe Clara Crocodile
Teeny Tiny Stevies (AU) Helpful Songs for Little People Stop!
Chris Lam Sam (NZ) Silly Funny Songs For Kids The Zero Zoo
Woody's World (AU) Good Morning Kids Good Morning
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Little Feet Music (AU) Giggle & Jiggle Blueberries
Mr. Roberelli (NZ) Midnight Feast A Sense of Belonging
Anna van Riel (NZ) Fishing for Stars Throw Out the Grain
Dirtgirl (AU) Gumboot Boogie Nature Walkabout
The Vegetable Plot (AU) Season One Bro Colini (Vegetables are funky)
Levity Beet (NZ) SINGLE Music in a Circle
Formidable Vegetable (AU) Permaculture- A Rhymer's Manual Oil
Kath Bee (NZ) Allsorts Breakfast Time
Fatcat & Fishface (NZ) Birdbrain Kingfisher
Judi Cranston (NZ) Imagine That! Zoom Zoom Zoom
The MikMaks (AU) Play I'm a Kid
Mr. Yipadee (NZ) Fun Animal Songs for Kids The Animal Choir
JellyBean Queen (NZ) SINGLE Soul Bird
Harmonica Pocket, The Sing Your Song Sing Your Song
Harmonica Pocket, The Sing Your Song Everything Is Everywhere
Harmonica Pocket, The Sing Your Song Apples On The Sun
Mil's Trills Let It Out It's OK to Feel This Way (feat. Uncle Jumbo)
Mil's Trills Let It Out Small Specks
Mil's Trills Let It Out How Does Your Body Feel (feat. Kymberly Stewart)
Kath Bee SINGLE The Kindness Song OUTRO (Inst)