WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for May 29, 2021
Sprout, Jonathan DR. MUSIC Here Comes the Show
Peanut Butter Jams SINGLE Good Morning
Dave Nachmanoff GRATITUDE ATTITUDE Grateful
The Sunflowers GRATITUDE ATTITUDE Circle of Friends
Bonnie Lockhart GRATITUDE ATTITUDE In My Family's House
Whizpops, The SCIENCE AND WONDER Family Tree
Andy Z SINGLE 143
Brighter Light Brigade SINGLE Kindness Is King
BeatBuds, The SINGLE I Have a Voice
Charity & the Jam Band SINGLE The Light
Peggosus DIGGIN' IN THE DIRT Peace At The Door
McCutcheon, John BIGGER THAN YOURSELF Friendship
Music with Michal CAN YOU MAKE MUSIC? Peace
Leeds, Joanie ALL THE LADIES Mother Earth
Alex & The Kaleidoscope Band KALEIDOSCOPE SONGS, NUMBER ONE Together
Laurie Berkner Band, The WE ARE THE LAURIE BERKNER BAND The Happiest Song I Know
----------7:00 AM---------- ---------- -----station break-----
Strand of Oaks SINGLE The Grocery Store
Story Pirates, The SINGLE 30 Moons
Cleary, Jenn ALL TOGETHER NOW Our Wild Family
Cleary, Jenn ALL TOGETHER NOW Clean Water
Ferguson, Carrie THE GRUMPYTIME CLUB The Grumpytime
Michael & the Rockness Monsters SIMILARITIES Down on the Corner (feat. Red Yarn)
Michael & the Rockness Monsters SIMILARITIES Italian Farmer
Pullara, Steve & Cool Beans Band A BIG BOWL OF MUSICRONI Don'ta Rocka Da Boat
Gripp, Parry SINGLE I Got No Money
Polisar, Barry Louis OLD DOGS, NEW TRICKS I Wanna Be A Dog
Madsen, Gunnar ANTS IN MY PANTS Lonely Dog Tango
Polisar, Barry Louis OLD DOGS, NEW TRICKS All I Want Is You
Dream Jam Band, The THE DREAM JAM BAND Bike
Gripp, Parry SINGLE Raining Tacos
Formidable Vegetable GROW DO IT You Are What You Eat
Little Miss Ann 28 DAYS Good Luck (feat. Elena Moon Park & Suzi Shelto
Rabbit! HAPPINESS IS SIMPLE (I Let The) Wheels of the Bus
Peasley, Stacey MAKE IT HAPPEN! What Girls Do
Formidable Vegetable GARBAGE GUTS EP Our Street
Ashley Mills Monaghan SINGLE All of You
----------8:00 AM---------- ---------- -----station break-----
Combe, Peter WASH YOUR FACE IN ORANGE JUICE Little Red Riding Hood
Weiss, Jim ANIMAL TALES The Tortoise & The Hare (story)
Combe, Peter TOFFEE APPLE Jack and the Beanstalk
Mary Hall Surface & David Mattox SING DOWN THE MOON - APPALACIAN TALES Catskins
Combe, Peter NEWSPAPER MAMA Robin Hood's Dream
Tallman, Susie & friends CLASSIC NURSERY RHYMES Old King Cole
Mother Goose Jazz Band, The GO WITH THE FLOW Hey Diddle Diddle
Greenberg, Josh & Bill Vitek RHYTHMS AND RHYMES Pop Goes The Weasel
Rudolf, Dave NOT SO GRIMM FAIRY TALES The Emperor's Clothes
Mennard, Mike WHEN MOTHER GOOSE LAID AN EGG Sing a Song of Sixpence
Mennard, Mike WHEN MOTHER GOOSE LAID AN EGG Mulberry Bush
Hart, Tim & friends MY VERY FAVOURITE NURSERY RHYME RECORD Lavender's Blue (Dilly Dilly)
Scott, Rick SNOOZE MUSIC China of London (OUTRO)