WPKN - Bridgeport, CT   The Carousel Playlist for March 20, 2021
Sprout, Jonathan DR. MUSIC Here Comes the Show
Daily-Green, Nancy SINGING, DANCING EVERYWHERE An Madairin Rua
McCutcheon, John SPRINGSONGS snow in april
Story Pirates, The THE STRAWBERRY BAND Blue Night
FleaBITE SNAKES ALIVE Cry to the Moon
Mitchell, Bruce CELTIC DESTINY Stone of Destiny
Claudia Robin Gunn SINGLE Making My Way
Park, Elena Moon UNHURRIED JOURNEY Springtime in My Hometown
Jumpin' Jamie NEVER MIND THE BLOCKS I Don't Wanna Dance
McCutcheon, John SPRINGSONGS fishin'
Mennard, Mike WHEN MOTHER GOOSE LAID AN EGG The Pig Medley
Bonham, Tracy YOUNG MAESTROS VOL 1 Shake Like a Rattlesnake
Tunes With Tim WE'RE ALL HUMAN The Manners Song
Jean, Beth LET'S PUT ON A SHOW Whoopsie Daisy
Vince Junior SWING FOR THE SKY Hey Zydeco
Jacobs, Ted THE DAYS GONE BY The Sugar-plum Tree
Suzi Shelton SINGLE Magnolia Tree
Randy & Dave GIGGLE AND GULP BALLET Cranky Children
----------7:00 AM---------- ---------- -----station break-----
Bartels, Joanie PUT ON YOUR DANCING SHOES Thingamajig
Vincent JUST ONE STEP An Irish Song
Farrell, John TOUCH THE SKY Tell Me Ma / St. Ann's Reel
Green Chili Jam Band, The MAGIC BIKE Magic Bike
Grunsky, Jack & Cosima HOPPIN' SOCKS Just a Walk in the Park
Kelli Welli LET'S GO PISTACHIO The Smilers
Rideout, Bonnie GI'ME ELBOW ROOM Fiddler From Dooney
Rideout, Bonnie GI'ME ELBOW ROOM Marching Song
Pointed Man Band DREAMS EP Love!
Watkins, Sara UNDER THE PEPPER TREE Under the Pepper Tree
Bright Siders, The A MIND OF YOUR OWN Forever Friends
Green Chili Jam Band, The STARFISHING Create Your Own Way
Leeds, Joanie ALL THE LADIES Half of the World
Jacobs, Ted A CHILD'S GARDEN OF SONGS From a Railway Carriage
Imagination Movers EIGHT FEET Big
Bell, Jerry & Nancy JERRY & NANCY BELL, VOL 2 Crazy Bagpipes!
Lewis, Marla WE ALL LAUGH IN THE SAME LANGUAGE We Can't Wait For Spring
Alex & the Kaleidoscope Band I'M SO GLAD Blue Sky Time
----------8:00 AM---------- ---------- -----station break-----
Highland Rovers Band UNUSUAL DAYS Tommy
Fraser, Alasdair & Paul Machlis SKYEDANCE Harris Dance/Skye Dance Medley
O'Hara, Catherine/Boys of the Loch FINN MCCOUL Finn McCoul (story & music)
Mitchell, Bruce CELTIC DESTINY Gaelic Morn
Farrell, John THE SONS AND THE DAUGHTERS The Sons And The Daughters
Grammer, Red DOWN THE DO-RE-MI Me & The Morning
Berkner, Laurie Band LET'S GO! Beautiful Light
Rabbit! HAPPINESS IS SIMPLE Happiness Is Simple
Highland Rovers Band UNUSUAL DAYS All Roads Lead to Here